Sexual Health Education Curriculum

In September 2010, the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools was awarded a five year Tier II grant by the federal Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) to study the efficacy of the Positive Prevention PLUS curricula in impacting key sexual behaviors, attitudes, behavioral intention and self-efficacy among a diverse population of 3,000 high school students in Southern California. Final peer-reviewed findings published in 2016 demonstrate a statistically-significant delay in the onset of sexual activity, plus statistically-significant increases in student-parent communication around sexual health issues. Information about the OAH TPP Program and the evaluation findings, including reports, factsheet, and infographics, are posted here.

For further information and updates regarding this research, please contact:

Robert LaChausse, PhD, Chair
Department of Health Sciences
California Baptist University

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Review

Positive Prevention PLUS is a 14-lesson curriculum that addresses risk factors and behaviors associated with unplanned teen pregnancy by increasing adolescent’s ability to use risk-reduction skills including contraceptive use, resistance and negotiation skills, and accessing reproductive health services. The program seeks to teach adolescents to either delay/abstain from sexual activity or use birth control consistently and correctly when engaging in sexual activity.

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