Middle and High School Sexual Health Education

Teacher Support Materials 2021 Edition


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Our 2021 edition Middle and High School curriculum support materials can be accessed by using the invitation code provided with your printed curriculum teacher’s guide. Once registered you can log in to access: 

  • Lesson slides that can be used to present main talking points
  • Puberty supplemental lesson (available for High School)
  • Suicide Prevention supplemental lesson
  • Parent support materials (English & Spanish)
  • Compliance documentation
  • Appendices A-D
  • Spanish worksheets*

*Please note that English and Spanish workbooks can be purchased from our online store.  You may find that workbooks are less expensive than copying the worksheets individually.

To register, each teacher must have access to a 2021 edition curriculum teacher’s binder.  The teacher binder provides the needed invitation code used to register for an account.  If you do not have an invitation code, and have a 2021 edition curriculum binder, please email PositivePreventionHelpDesk@gmail.com for assistance.

Register by clicking on the middle or high school button below.  You will be required to verify your email address to register for your teacher account.

Need Help Logging In or Registering?

Please review our Material FAQ’s on using the invitation code to register for an account.